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A passionate orthodontist who cares about the well-being of every patient

Dr Christos Sideris

After graduating with a degree in Dentistry from the University of Montreal in 2002, Dr. Christos Sideris completed a multi-disciplinary residency and worked in a private practice, before completing his masters in Dentistry with an orthodontic option in 2009.

Dr. Sideris is passionate about orthodontics because it allows him to make a difference in people’s lives. In addition to esthetic improvements, Dr. Sideris also sees a real change in self-esteem. With beautiful straight teeth, his patients now live their lives with more confidence.

Dr. Sideris is very interested in new technologies that allow his patients to get all the benefits of an orthodontic treatment with a minimum of discomfort. Please note that Dr. Sideris also practices in Blainville.

Dr Christos Sideris

Professional associations

Dr. Sideris is a « Fellow » of


and a member of:

American association of orthodontists
Association canadienne des orthodontistes
Association des orthodontistes du Québec

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